About Us

Guns Down, Life Up (GDLU) is an initiative that brings together public health experts and community leaders around New York City to stop the cycle of gun violence. Using a community-centered public health approach, GDLU engages partners across all boroughs, to prevent and interrupt violence and empower youth to fulfill their potential by leading safer, healthier lives.

Guns Down, Life Up programs across New York City share the following core services:

•    Opportunities for youth to engage in positive activities such as sports, dance and the arts as part of a comprehensive violence prevention strategy.

•    Mentorships to help guide youth toward positive choices. 

•    Interrupters and hospital responders – community members with prior experience with violence – connect with youth after an incidence of violence and, following the Cure Violence model, support them in finding alternatives to the cycle of retaliation.

•    Solutions from community-based organizations across New York City to extend prevention and healing beyond the hospital walls and into communities.

What is GDLU?

You've seen the T-shirts, it's got New York City talking. But what is GDLU exactly?


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