The Solution

Guns Down, Life Up (GDLU) partners with public health professionals and community-based organizations to prevent and interrupt the cycle of violence that robs youth of their full potential.

Dr. Robert Gore Executive Director, Kings Against Violence Initiative (KAVI)

Guns Down, Life Up is expanding across New York City. At present, our two core programs are located at Kings County Hospital Center in Brooklyn and Harlem Hospital Center in Manhattan:

In Brooklyn, GDLU’s Kings Against Violence Initiative (KAVI) works with young men and women at-risk for violent activity to support them after an incidence of violence and to engage them in alternatives to retaliation.

  • KAVI’s Prevention Program works with students in schools and provides them with weekly workshops and mentorship activities, including identity exploration, conflict resolution, peer mediation and life skills development.
  • Its Interrupter Program follows the Cure Violence model and employs community members – who often have prior experience with violence – to support youth after an incidence of violence. These hospital responders meet youth where they are, provide them with support and advice, and help guide them away from a cycle of retribution. 

Erik ClietteDirector, Harlem Hospital Injury Prevention Program (HHIPP)

In Harlem, GDLU’s Harlem Hospital Injury Prevention Program provides young people with positive and engaging alternatives to violence. Its programs include:

  • Six Winners, an intergenerational mentoring program focused on young Black and Latino males that includes counseling, social skills development, workplace preparation and understanding of fatherhood responsibilities.

  • Arts and culture programs including Harlem Horizon Art Studio and the Dance Leadership Program to engage young minds in enriching activities.

  • A Cure Violence Interrupter Program that supports youth after an incidence of violence and in the neighborhoods where they live, reframing young minds towards positive futures. 

What is GDLU?

You've seen the T-shirts, it's got New York City talking. But what is GDLU exactly?


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